Binance departs Canada in a situation of new cryptocurrency restrictions

The biggest bitcoin exchange in the world won’t be available to Canadians anymore. Due to new stablecoin and investment restrictions in Canada, Binance has stated that it is leaving the sector. The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) published fresh instructions back in February, giving crypto trading platforms existing in the area 30 days to register or shut down.

The biggest bitcoin exchange

The crypto companies that choose to sign up and remain will be subject to harsher regulations, such as having to get the CSA’s approval before allowing customers to deposit or buy stablecoins. Before receiving approval, Binance must pass the authorities’ due diligence inspections. Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency trade in North America has been the subject of intensive investigation. Since 2021, the DOJ and the Internal Revenue Service in the US have been investigating claims that Binance is being utilised in money-laundering activities. According to reports, it’s also being looked into for allegedly enabling users to get around restrictions on Russian financial institutions. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission accused Binance of providing unregistered cryptocurrency derivatives in March of this year, among other things.

Canadian users

As long as it was possible, Binance claimed in its announcement, it delayed making the choice “to explore other reasonable avenues to protect [its] Canadian users.” Indeed, Bloomberg claims that its Canadian affiliate started the registration procedure in March by filing the necessary paperwork. But ultimately, it had come to the conclusion that it was “no longer tenable” to carry on with its operations in the nation.

In a statement that followed its declaration, Binance expressed its confidence that, at some point, it would visit its CEO Changpeng Zhao’s native Canada. The company added that it hoped to keep working with Canadian authorities to develop a “thoughtful, comprehensive regulatory framework.”

With the establishment of a pre-registration procedure, Canada has recently tightened laws for sites that trade crypto assets. The Ontario Securities Commission’s website states that companies that break the laws may be subject to enforcement action.

Unfortunately, the Canada market is currently unworkable for Binance due to the recent instructions offered to crypto exchanges about stablecoins and investor limitations, the cryptocurrency exchange said in a tweet.

Binance leave Canada

Binance stated that it disagrees with the most recent recommendations and that it intends to cooperate with Canadian regulators to develop a thorough framework for crypto operations there.

The collapse of Binance rival FTX in November, which led to a market crash in the prices of the main digital coins, has put the digital assets industry in the sights of regulators all over the world.

Tighter regulations for disclosures on how the crypto companies operate and retain customer cash were required by politicians and securities regulators after the crypto winter of 2022, which erased more than a trillion dollars off the industry’s market worth.

In late 2021, Binance and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), Canada’s largest provincial regulator, engaged in a public spat. Despite stating previously that it would withdraw rather than adhere to a new obligation to register with the Ontario authority, the cryptocurrency platform promised customers that it could operate in the province with the highest population in the nation.

OSC Registration

According to the OSC, registration was necessary but wasn’t done. In the end, Binance agreed to the OSC in a legally binding undertaking in March 2022 that its efforts involving citizens of Ontario had ended except from those specifically “accepted activities to protect shareholders” and that it would stop any future activity.

By the end of 2022, a dozen financial monitors from the other territories and provinces joined the OSC in taking a harsher position, requiring registration and other requirements for users of digital currencies. This was in response to the stunning collapse of the digital currency exchange FTX Inc.

A promise to hold Canadian client funds with an appropriate custodian and to keep them apart from the platform’s exclusive business is one of the criteria.


According to the regulations announced in December 2022 by the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), the governing body for the nation’s 13 provincial and territory monitors, cryptocurrency platforms are also not permitted to provide leverage or debt to any Canadian customer.

The Canadian Securities and Exchange Commission made it obvious that for the purposes of securities law, platforms accessible to Canadians that are based outside of Canada, such as Binance, which was established in Shanghai in 2017 and has a holding company in the Cayman Islands, will be viewed as functioning within Canada.

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