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With over 9,000 cryptocurrencies and constant price fluctuations, it’s no surprise that many traders struggle to find consistent success. However, cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. According to coinmarketcap, the global market cap of cryptocurrencies is over $2.46T. However, figuring out which coin to invest in and when can be difficult. This is where free crypto signals become helpful. 

Crypto signals are recommendations analysts and experts provide on the best coins to buy and sell. This article will look at some of the best free crypto signals insights and what makes their signals effective.  

What are Crypto Signals?

Crypto signals are trading recommendations provided by cryptocurrency analysts and experts. These analysts closely track the market and other important factors affecting cryptocurrencies. Based on their research and analysis, they provide buy and sell signals on specific coins to their subscribers. 

Signals usually include the coin name, recommended price to buy or sell at, target profit levels and stop loss levels. Signals help traders decide which coins to trade by leveraging the research and expertise of analysts. This takes away a lot of guesswork involved in independent trading.

However, not all free crypto signals are legitimate and reliable enough to get accurate insights by following Foxian. Foxian is a trader-focused community launched in 2022, seeing huge monthly growth and 85% winning trades. Through updates and signals, it offers free and paid trading guidance from over 15 cryptocurrency experts, helping members maximize gains in the next bull market through community insights.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Crypto Signal Providers

  • Success rate of signals: Check how accurate the provider has been over a long period, say for the last 1-2 years. A higher accuracy of over 70% should be considered good.
  • Experience of analysts: Preferably, analysts should have 5+ years of experience in financial markets and 2+ years in cryptocurrencies. More experience means better analysis.
  • Payment options and plans: Consider flexible monthly, quarterly or annual subscription plans. Weekly or monthly payment options also allow flexibility to stop if not satisfied.
  • Research process: Understand how analysts select coins to watch and give signals. Detailed research on coins’ fundamentals, price patterns and market cycles is important.
  • Communication and support: Timely delivery of signals and quick support response if any query should be the priority. Daily reports, group chats, and video calls help learn from analysts.
  • Track record of returns: Ask for proof of real subscriber returns over time. Consistently delivering 100-200% annual returns would be an ideal aim for the provider.

Why It is Important to Do Effective Filtering in the Case of Crypto Signals?

While signals help in decision-making, it’s still important to filter them effectively based on one’s own strategy and risk appetite. Not all signals may be suitable for all traders. As suggested in signals, an important factor is the time horizon of holdings. Some may be for intraday or short-term trades, while others may be for longer-term holdings. 

It’s best to choose a provider with strategies matching one’s own. Signals should also align with the size of one’s portfolio. Consider filters like market capitalization, volume and liquidity of the coins. This filters out risky penny stocks and ensures gains can be easily realized. Only trade signals that have been thoroughly analyzed as per your predefined criteria. This makes trading outcomes more predictable.

Benefits of Following Crypto Signals

Following expert crypto signals enables average traders to benefit from market opportunities without needing to monitor currencies themselves constantly. Signal providers do research and assume trading risks on behalf of subscribers. Some key benefits include:

  • Access to insights: Signals synthesize complex market research into easy-to-understand outlooks, saving investors time.
  • Confirmation of analysis: Seeing how experts arrive at predictions helps validate one’s own analysis skills over time.
  • Trading guidance for novices: Signals are a low-commitment way for newcomers to learn effective trading strategies.
  • Flexibility: Subscribers can rely wholly on or partially follow analyst signals per risk tolerance.
  • Possible higher profits: Well-researched calls potentially provide better returns than independent investments.

Best Practices for Evaluating Best Free Crypto Signals Services 

  • Track the performance of past recommendations from free crypto signals services and consider withdrawing if their track records deteriorate over time.
  • Compare the returns of the services’ signals against a “buy and hold” baseline strategy to determine their true alpha generation.
  • Stay updated about any changes in the teams providing the signals, as the quality could diminish due to personnel shifts.
  • Examine additional research, educational resources, community conversations and responsiveness to feedback provided by the services.
  • Consider transparency about the methodologies and strategies adopted by the services, as it helps align your own strategy better.
  • Critically analyze different free crypto signals services side-by-side to determine your optimal options based on your abilities, time commitment and financial goals for crypto trading.

Final Thoughts 

Crypto signals can be extremely helpful for traders to leverage expert insights. But it’s important to thoroughly research providers and choose one with a solid track record, competent researchers, good payment plans and reliable service. Carefully evaluate factors like included services, success rates, strategies, payment flexibility and customer reviews before committing.

For accurate research and updated news and signals about cryptocurrencies, subscribe and follow Foxian. As one of the most reliable platforms available in the crypto market, our exponential month-on-month growth of 85% indicates strong network effects and strong value creation for members.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How accurate are the best free crypto signals?

They are often based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or a combination of both. But there’s no guarantee that these signals will be profitable or accurate. 

2. Do the best free crypto signals guarantee 100% success?

Crypto signals are not risk-free, even though they offer insightful recommendations. First of all, because of the cryptocurrency market’s volatility, no signal, no matter where it comes from, can provide 100% accuracy.

3. Who gives the best crypto trading signals?

Many crypto signal providers are available in the market; however, we recommend trying the Foxian crypto trading signal community. We have a proven track record of 94% success under the experienced founder and team of experts.

4. Is buying signals good?

Buying signals help traders and investors to follow a set trading or investing pattern. Investors and traders ought to carefully evaluate the significance of these indications.

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