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Bitget is a centralised marketplace for trading bitcoin derivatives. It was established in April 2018 by Bitget Group, a digital financial company, with the goal of making it simple to acquire and exchange digital assets. More than 1,000 000 individuals in more than 40 different countries are reportedly registered on Bitget exchange.

Top investment firms

In addition to having regional offices in China, South Korea, and Japan, it is also growing to SEA nations including the Philippines, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia. It is licensed to conduct financial transactions and exchange digital currencies in the US, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. Bitget is dedicated to offering people from around the world the most adaptable, safe, and expert digital asset management services.

Top investment firms like SNK, 8 Decimal Capital, An Lan Capital, and CoinNess are among Bitget’s investors, which raises the coin’s value and solves its liquidity issues. Because the team is confident that only the mainstream coins’ liquidity can be ensured in contract trading, Bitget spot markets now support only 9 coins and 11 trading pairings, with BTC/USDT being the most active trading pair. Bitget takes its security policies seriously.

Bitget App

A hybrid hot-cold wallet system, multi-signature technologies, a strong risk control system, bank-level SS data encryption, and a built-in DPI active defence mechanism are used to protect user cash. The platform’s stability is made possible by the trading system, which can execute up to 100,000 trades per second. Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android are just a few of the operating systems that Bitget Exchange supports. Both the Apple Store and Google Play provide the Bitget App.


English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese are among the five languages in which the services are offered. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and Telegram are used to disseminate news and announcements. Bitget charges The spot fee rate for a transaction is 0.2% for each component. By using BFT, the native Bitget token, users can lower transaction fees by 30%. For makers and takers, respectively, the derivatives contract fee rate is 0.04% and 0.06%. The internal money transfer costs nothing and takes three minutes to execute. Deposits may only be made using cryptocurrency and are free. The OTC service allows users to purchase USDT with CNY using an Alipay Bank Transfer.

The token affects the withdrawal fee, daily limits, and single withdrawal restrictions. The commissions are 0.0005 BTC and 0.005 ETH, respectively. The block has an impact on the withdrawal time, which might range from 5 to 10 minutes. Bitget is a community-based platform that offers unique copy trading capabilities and supports 24/7 client services for digital asset management, OTC, spot and contract trading in cryptocurrencies, USDT forward contracts, and inverse contracts.

Trading areas

Seven trading areas are available in the Bitget perpetual contract zone: assets, contract types, charts, trade zones, contract information, depth and completed transactions, open orders, and history. Funding rate, risk provision, margin flow, futures position, and tier tables make up the contract information. 3 contract features are available: swap, inverse, and simulator. In extremely volatile markets, trading pairs of USDT and inverse contracts lowers traders’ risks. With leverage of up to 100x, USDT inverse swap connections enable margin and leverage adjustments even after orders have been submitted.

 Investors who have no prior trading experience can receive 5,000 USDT to hone their abilities in the trading simulator. Inexperienced contract users can find instructions in the Beginners Contract Trade Course’s graphic tutorials, comics, and videos. Also, there is an article section containing details on the tokens exchanged on the platform. The Copy Trade option, which lets users select top traders and automatically mimic their trading styles with the freedom to close positions at any time, is the exchange’s standout feature. Bitget rigorously audits each trader.

Traders profit rates

Users can utilise the information on traders’ profit rates, overall profits, 3-week win rates, and follower’s profits to pick which traders to follow. The Star top trader is additionally chosen on a weekly and monthly basis. Completed transactions are made available for public viewing so that consumers can be confident they are transparent. Followers give the trader a 10% commission of their earnings. The trader’s USDT deposit amount determines the maximum number of followers, which ranges from 20 to 200. Elite traders who refer new customers might receive an additional 40% referral rebate.

Under the Financial Record section, members can see their transfer records, including direction, currency kind, quantity, and swap information. BFT is the native asset of the Bitget DeFi Chain and the Bitget Trading Platform (Bitget DeFi Token).


It is a utility token released in September 2019 to assist users in platform management, the use of DeFi services inside the Bitget ecosystem, and achieving complete transaction freedom.

It is used to subtract handling fees, give out airdrop prizes, and in a variety of other application scenarios. The maximum total quantity of 1.00 billion Bitget tokens has been made available. Bitget group and associates High-level specialists in encryption, financial software, investments, and social media work for Bitget on a global basis.

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